Video Snapshot Wizard

- A Windows software to help you capture images from video.

What is Video Snapshot Wizard?

Video Snapshot Wizard is an easy-to-use utility to capture a still from video. The software provides support for the most popular video format such as AVI, FLV, ASF, MOV, RM, RMVB, WMV, MKV, VOB, MPG, MPEG etc. Except that frame grab ability like others video-frame-capture software, Video Snapshot Wizard can also edit frame images, output captured images as BMP, JPG, GIF graphics, and can even rebuild the frames to create animated GIF image or movie thumbnails.


Video Snapshot Wizard Screenshot


  • Capture a series of frame snapshots from movie files. Support the most popular video formats.
  • Capture frame pictures from DVD video.
  • Exhibit all captured snapshots in thumbnail view mode.
  • Crop and Resize frames in build-in image editor easily. Support batch editing.
  • Add watermarks to snapshots in build-in image editor easily. Support batch editing.
  • Export captured frames as BMP, JPG, PNG or GIF graphics.
  • Turn frames into a user-defined animated GIF image.
  • Edit your favorite pictures and make your thumbnails.

How does it work?

  • Step 1. Open Video Files

    Click "Open" button to open your video file, support the most popular video format such as AVI, FLV, ASF, MOV, RM, RMVB, WMV, MKV, VOB, MPG, MPEG etc...
    Click here to see main interface overview

    • Open Video
  • Step 2. Capture Snapshots from Video

    The program support two video screen capture modes:
    Snapshot One Frame: Capture only one frame every time you click this button, and then add it to the thumbnails view window.
    Snapshot: Capture one frame every specific time, you can change this interval in OPTIONS window.

  • Step 3. Edit Captured Frames

    Build-in easy-to-use image editor can help you edit your captured pictures. You can modified your captured pictures with following edit function:
    + Crop and Resize frame images.
    + Add text watermark or picture watermark.
    + Support batch editing mode.
    Click here to learn how to crop and resize the video frame images.

Version History

Changes in Video Snapshot Wizard 3.2: [ January 18, 2011 ]
  • Solved the transparency issue while saving captured frame images to transparent animated GIF image.
Changes in Video Snapshot Wizard 3.1: [ October 11, 2010 ]
  • Added an option to add video timestamp on captured frames.
  • Fixed the numbering scheme of file name when export captured frames to hard disk. Current file name is a sequence of name like N-001, N-002... N-099, N-100, it fixed the issue of sorting when you watch them with a picture viewer.
Changes in Video Snapshot Wizard 3.0: [ October 1, 2010 ]
  • Redesigned the program's user interface, more larger video playing window and trackbar.
  • Fixed the issue that some movies can't decode correctly.
  • Added support for frame by frame video playback feature.
  • Support video frame capture based on both time and frame.
  • Support continuous frames grab. ("Capture next 10 frames" and "Capture next 50 frames" button)
Changes in Video Snapshot Wizard 2.1: [ December 21, 2008 ]
  • Improved convert video to animated GIF image function.
  • Improved captured frame image editing function.